Would you like apps with that?

We have long been evangelists of the squarespace platform. Forward thinking that provides a base for companies to integrate with their user base in a simple, rapid development environment.

Microsoft has also been on our radar for a selection of clients needs over the past coupe of years. Not just for their really nice upgrade to the Office working interface, but also for their efforts to provide a super flexible platform with a security first enterprise approach which is allowing us to streamline the backend workflow for some of our clients in every aspect of their business.

Some great news from Redmond campus this week as we saw the announcement of the beta invites to their new cloud app integration service "power apps". It is a mobile first approach to data and allows users to create integrations to their data and allow access through bespoke apps made through a drag and drop interface.

This will see simple integration and always accessible data available to the masses. This promises to do to apps and business data what squarespace has done to the world of website production. We have signed up to the beta release and will let you know more as and when we have had a chance to play with the new platforms features.

For more information go to https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/