Google Algorithm

Mobilegeddon is apon us!

For those of you running a business which had a web presence, now is the time to sit-up and take note.

Google recently updated its search algorithm to give favourable search results to sites that are mobile friendly and to lower the ranking of websites that are not designed for mobile use.

This is a reaction to the changing ways in which we search for things in the web in our everyday life.

In the year to date, it has been reported that 60% of search traffic originates from a mobile device. This is a huge increase over last year and hence Google cannot ignore it any further.

That website filled with flash animations from 4 years ago is not looking so... "Flash" now is it?

Aston currency management - mobile OK! 

Aston currency management - mobile OK! 

This is one of the fundamental cornerstones to the platform we predominantly work on and why all of our clients can rest easy, knowing that they pass the mobile test.

You can check your site using Google's mobile friendly checker.