Energy is the only metric


It’s the foundation for everything else. If I want to make money, have experiences, connect with people, write, make stuff - all of that needs energy.

So my job is to cultivate it, protect it, and spend it as wisely as possible.

There are the typical ideas here for cultivating:

Diet. Moving your body.

But then there’s the lesser-known...

Removing Stress - Stress is using up our energy and brain power. It's like an app that’s open and needs to be closed down because it’s just looping and stuck running the same program. It helps nothing.

Removing Anxiety – Different than stress, anxiety is sort of proactive. It’s your mind making the assumption that it knows what may happen in the future even though it’s basically never correct.

Purpose – Purpose is the through-line in our work. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning ready to go. Do you have a journey so great that it is higher order than anything else in life? That's worth an entire life's pursuit? Purpose is a catalyst.

Memento Mori – I’m dead very soon, Time is moving very quickly, things cannot be put off. We're a blink in the night, best get moving.

Decisions – “Decision Fatigue” happens every day, and it’s really the idea that we simply don’t make that many decision, rather we postpone them! The more decisive you are, the more energy you have for the action portion of a decision. Commitment is owning a decision. Owning Decisions removes Decision Fatigue.

Laughter - We're far too serious. Remember just two points ago, Memento Mori? We're all dead, we're all on a rock in space. You can be tense and intense but that uses most of your faculties.

When do your best ideas come, when you're in the shower or when you're grinding it out at work?

Our mind hates pressure.

Laughter is the removal of pressure.

Doing your work with ease uses little energy compared to the alternative.

Action - Energy is created or freed up and made available, not just spent. The more you take Action the more energy you’ll have for the next action (to a certain point). Like working out, action creates more action.

What this is really about is leading yourself.

You own your body and you own your mind.

They’re like fancy equipment was just handed to you when you were born. And depending on how you use it, you can go far or you can feed it poorly and mismanage it.

And at the end of the day Life is simply about how you feel.

And my desire to feel energized is greater than the desire to do things that mismanage that.