On the mind of independent Artists and Entrepreneurs. 

Doors and Perception

It seems common sense, but with the doors that open in our lives, there are windows of time and space that we are given to seize opportunities.

You can think of your life as heading down a winding and infinite road, whereupon every few feet there are new doors presented to you that you are able to choose to walk through. Each of these doors leads you to new roads and new doors and they are opening and closing all of the time.

When people talk about being “in sync” with the universe, I believe they mean that they are well attuned to what doors are opening for them. They see the full range of possibilities in front of them.

All the while there are others who are presented many doors, but they aren't seeing them. They are more caught in their heads or hung up on false perceptions.

Some see a door and become excited about the possibility of walking through it; but they then become distracted and as they wane on their commitment and miss it.

As a door begins to close, it becomes more expensive to walk through it.

I know people who are extraordinarily smart. They are in the gifted range. However, due to a lack of confidence in their abilities, they don’t believe that they are smart. They simply don't see it.

It’s like you possess an incredible gift but you don't know it.

Like you have a bank account that is full of gold but you are unaware that it is in your possession, and so you don't spend it. 

Life is about timing. If you can see clearly enough, you can understand the full extent of your opportunities and time your choices accordingly. It takes a certain level of self-awareness.

Self-awareness can sometimes mean recognizing your power, rather than recognizing your weaknesses.

Another more concrete way of thinking about this is the realm of finance.

Back in 2008, as well as years prior, Amazon stock was in the $50 a share range.  For a window of time, you could seize this opportunity without too much investment.

Two decades later, with the shares at $1,800+, this door is literally more expensive to buy into. 

The same works with general doors like a job opportunity, your health, building a new skill. 

Opportunities must be seized as they arise, and timing is an underrated skill.

I feel this way now about Bitcoin, but in building your skills as well as direct investment. There is a window of time where this asset is relatively ripe for stepping into. When it’s not too costly and its infrastructure is still being laid.

In 5 or 10 years, it's possible it will be much more expensive to buy into, and the technology will advance so far that it will be practically invisible to the average person. This is because the gaps of opportunity would have already been filled, making it harder to enter.

You have doors opening for you every day, or at least every week.

Some as small as a conversation with a stranger or seeing a cheap plane ticket to Asia or New Zealand becoming available (when a trip there has been on your mine).

Some literally fall into your lap. 

It’s good to step through the doors when they are available, but it's hard to do. Your mind quite literally distracts your or tells you not to change course. It sort of tries to protect you from deviating from the path it feels safest on.

But it's almost always wrong. 

Life has a type of timing and it wants you to participate in its schedule. That's why you feel some type of urge or notion of what may be to come. 

There are always doors to step through. 

It just takes being aware, and doing the stepping.