Information Waterfall

The internet is an information network. Developed and subsidised by our willingness to share. The network started slow, with limited ability.

Remember Dial Up?

Remember Text-Message Limits?

Remember Netflix sending you a CD?

No longer. Because the pace at which it's being upgraded is unparalleled. And no longer is it simply centralised actors. It's a market, and this market attracts individuals of all talents, ages and locations each adding their bit of information and technology upgrades to the planets stack.

And so our usage of this tool needs to adapt.

If you were someone who uses the web now as you did in 2004, you wouldn’t be able to use nearly it’s same possibilities.

And due to the rate of change, if you were someone who uses the web like 2016, you wouldn’t be able to use nearly the same possibilities as 2018!

Things are moving that rapidly.

This Tweet Struck Me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.02.21.png

Moores law says that we may even double efficiency every two years. So what does this have to do with our information? As an artist or creator, your medium is information rather than code.

That's right, it's the techies vs. the infovores.

Podcasts, videos, writing, marketing, social media, photography...

These are our mediums. And we use them to communicate at scale. They are what runs on top of the infrastructure super high way of the web. But, you see the data you create is compressed. It's not the Raw form you had in your head when writing that song or Ebook, rather it's a distillation – it's what made it onto the page, or onto the track, or into the video.

Our job as creators is to interpret the world around us and distill it into packets of information. And... then that data is interpreted. And others who have received this delivery choose to opt-in for more.

And it's this dance between information creation and information interpretation that we do. A back an forth.

We create, we see how it's responded to, we create again...

But now the public is joining in, too. The web matured, and now everything is not just a one way street, but a dialogue and a conversation. Music, media, art – they're all more akin to improv jazz with other band mates than an orator on stage giving a speech.

It's no longer us ---> them. It's us <----> them <---> others.

And so when we do something that is interpreted and interesting for will be copied! Remixed, analysed, re-cut it, transformed, responded to.

And this is good. This is what you want. Information wants to be replicated, copied, spread, interacted with, debated, analysed, digitised. It wants to spread and stretch. It's full, ready to be unzipped.

A video can be cut as a still image, can be cut as a gif, can be cut as a meme, can export the audio as a teaser… A video can start a dialogue that takes on it's own life.

Who makes the news? Really, who makes the news? Well, sometimes it's an event. But now it's the reaction to the event. Now it's the dialogue in the reaction to the event that's the news.

Not only that, but information is ready to be unbundled. It's ready to be the tip of the iceberg for a conversation that spins into new territories and builds on itself, both in its substance, but also is genome.

Today we have the Information Waterfall. It all starts with a rich first creation; an album, a tweet, a book, a talk. Then it's subdivided, remixed and re-created, responded to, and transformed for a variety of people and endpoints. Let's use a simple example.

With this very email I could...

Post it to my email listReply to responses.Share responses with everyone else.

Change the title, or adapt it and post it to mediumRespond to Medium comments.

Cut out major points and post them on TwitterGet in a conversation about latest books we've read.Get quote tweeted and taken down another rabbit hole.

Take the concept of the Information Waterfall and turn it into a graphic. Use that graphic in a slideshow presentation or on Twitch.

Shorten this post, re-edit it and post it with an image to Instagram

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Use Zapier to auto-post this post across Medium, my email list, my blog and a few other locations.

Search Quora for people looking for answers related to my post and respond by pasting in relevant bits and linking to my blog.

Do you get the idea? Today it's about the Conversation. What hasn't changed is the difficulty of making something conversation worthy.

Are you adding to the noise or are you doing something new? We've got unlimited time for something different, a new sound, a new perspective, a deeper care for a topic or niche. Information gets rewarded by being transformed, repurposed, and replied to.

I suppose this is a case for quality.

Because in this day and age ... Quality breeds quantity!