After some deliberation, we decided to make the move to switch new web projects from Squarespace to Webflow.

The reason for Webflow is twofold:

First is due to how much control you have. The design is fully yours to customize.

Secondly, the CMS is built like a form, so you can practically manage content like you would with a content calendar that's based on Sheets or Airtable.

If all of this is new to you, we note that more interesting trend here is the push for more "No Code" tools – these are a new layer in the tech stack that allows everyday people to build web apps, mobile apps, and websites without technical knowledge.

For reference to what's possible, we're building sites like this in a ~5 day at this point...Very easy to spin up.

Other things to consider:

There are fewer plug-ins like Squarespace/WordPress

But, it's still being developed so there are new features regularly

It's better for static sites than blogs IMO

They have fantastic video tutorials