What we do

What you communicate, start with who you're communicating with

A website shouldn’t say 'hey, look at me', it should say 'hey, look at this'

As we all know web trends change more often than the prevailing winds and slightly less often than our socks. 

We keep it simple - let's be honest, we do what most other web companies do, but we don't spend time and money needlessly reinventing the wheel. We take templates, populate them with your data and then "tweak them" to fit your needs.

Lots of web companies will do this, but they will often sell it as a "bespoke service" and charge you an arm and a leg. 

We are quite open, honest and upfront about it. Our preferred platforms are Webflow and Squarespace. They have a simple system to get content online. Both webflow and Squarespace integrate with other great service providers including the likes of MailChimp, Google Docs, Xero accounting software, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Stripe/PayPal/Apple Pay and most other popular social media service platforms. 

For e-commerce we have partnered with Shopify who offer a wide range of themes (free and paid) to choose from giving you the ability to sell physical or digital goods, in categories of your choosing and using shipping rates/methods of your choosing.

Both Webflow, Squarespace and Shopify are designed for the modern social arena and as such you are not paying for a bespoke, costly and sometimes dated Content Management System (CMS) and outdated coding practices.

At a time when the majority of online users will be using mobile devices to access the web, it has never been more important to make any site mobile-friendly.  Our service is listening to you to find out what you want your website to do and to get it working for you by creating engaging content and a strategy to help you gain viewers. We then build a site in a stylish, reactive way that looks great on everything from your PC to a modern mobile device. 

After your new site goes live, there are no costly contracts to lock you into, just a simple hourly rate if you want our help again. Don't worry though, we are just a phone call or email away and we are genuinely lovely chaps.

We can also help you with creating:

  • Photography - professional visual impact for your site.

  • Video - tell a story of your brand.

  • Content - we can work with you to create an effective keyword strategy to help people find you.

  • Social - not sure about a social media strategy? Don't worry about it we can help there too.

  • SEO - optimising your site to ensure that your customers can find you online.

  • Analysis - use data from your website traffic to advise you if there are any further enhancements which will give your viewers a more engaging experience. As we all know, happy customers buy more.