Why squareglu?

A website, when done right... is art. 

The moment a client outlines a project, we start thinking how the design will flow, look, feel and most importantly, work to build your brand.

So why trust us? We’ll give you everything you need to create an exceptional website. We act as a one stop shop for all your web needs and we would like to help you grow your business as we grow ours too.

As we mentioned before, we don't hide the fact that we use templates like other web companies, we embrace them for the clean, modular way that they work which allows us to focus on making your site as polished as possible. We are not for everyone. If you are more concerned about having gimmicky twirly bits and using obscure fonts, maybe moving something a "smidge more to the left" then we probably aren't the guys you should be talking to.

If you want a site that is going to work for you to grow your business and are more concerned with getting your point across in a memorable and engaging way, then get in touch.